About Me

I’ve been a science writer for 23 years now, and it all started with a pig.

It was a fossil pig—just his tooth, really. I found it toward the end of a sweltering day walking with my head down in Tanzania’s Manonga Valley. I loved being in the field, and I loved how excited my fellow paleontologists were as they discussed the pig that might have been walking around with his own head down five million years ago.

But I did not love that tooth. As an anthropology student nearing the end of graduate school, that tooth represented everything I had started to fear about my life as a researcher. If I spend the next 40 years analyzing that tooth, I thought, will I miss out on the rest of the broad, thrilling world of science that brought me to Tanzania in the first place?

I can safely say that I haven’t missed out. As a science writer, I’ve covered everything from nanobots to stem cells, and written for websites, magazines, museums and meetings. I get to hear about the latest discoveries across all fields, and I still get to hang out with the remarkable people who do science.

Do you have an assignment for me? I’m happy to hear about it—even if it involves pigs.

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