I almost don’t want to share this, because Becky Ham is my secret writing weapon. She’s everything you dream of, but rarely get all at once in a freelance writer: ridiculously fast and accurate, requires minimal direction, produces sparkling-clean copy that requires almost no editing, and takes the time to figure out the tone and voice needed. She can write about every discipline of science, clearly, for public audiences–a skill honed at the journal Science‘s communications office–which makes her even more unusual. She’s covered research topics for my blog on women and public speaking, The Eloquent Woman, and I’ve also supervised her work with multiple daily deadlines during a high-pressure conference. She’s tops. Don’t hesitate.

-Denise Graveline, president, don’t get caught communications

Becky Ham is a fantastic science writer, and I recommend her strongly. She possesses a strong knowledge of science, and an uncanny ability to explain even the most esoteric of subjects in a way that engages and informs the reader.  Becky’s attention to detail, ability to work under tight deadlines and engaging personality make her a pleasure to work with.

-Kevin Hattori, assistant director of communications, American Technion Society

It is obvious that Becky takes the time to get to know your writing style and your book’s overall direction. Her help is indispensable in getting your book to a better place by suggesting rearrangements of paragraphs, offering subheadings, and even reorganizing the sequence of chapters to improve logical flow. Becky works at the smaller scale too, improving sentence structure to the line and suggesting little ‘magical’ phrases that help grab your reader. It is not easy to edit the work of others, but Becky Ham has a craft for words and books.

–Dr. Eugene Harris, author, Ancestors in Our Genome

Becky writes accessible, interesting summaries of Science research for the journal’s press package. Her writing is snappy, clear and unfailingly accurate, whether she’s explaining molecular biology or quantum mechanics.

–Kathy Wren, Senior Writer, AAAS

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