Here I Am

“They said there was a new oncologist I could get an appointment with—Dr. Stearns—and she and I have been together ever since,” Mohler says, laughing. “I tell Dr. Stearns that when she gets a new office, I want my name on the door too. I got her this far!” (Read the full story)

Can Magnolia Help Break the Link Between Obesity and Breast Cancer?

Stand under the glossy green canopy of a southern magnolia in full bloom, and you’ll be dazzled by this queen tree’s show of hundreds of highly perfumed ivory blossoms, each the size of a teacup. It’s a stunning sight, but for centuries, Magnolia grandiflora has been known for more than its pretty face. The tree contains a pharmacopeia of sorts, yielding chemical compounds that have been used to treat everything from anxiety to heart attack. (Read the full story)